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Centro Universitario

Crit at the Centro Universitario de las Artes Ubicación.


When I was an artist in residence at the Museo Leonora Carrington de San Luis Potosí the Director Antonio Garcia Acosta organised for me and another resident artist, Francesco Pedraglio, to lead a Crit for BA Contemporary Art students at the Centro Universitario de las Artes Ubicación. These students had never presented their practice to their peers but only to their tutor who provides them with written feedback.

Antonio and I agreed that we thought that it was a beneficial exercise for all the students to speak openly about their ideas and to share their work with one another as it is a more informative experience and enables them to find their critical voice. It was clear to see that all the students wanted to speak and that they were supportive of each other.

Before the residency finished the University asked if I would hold another Crit for their students as the feedback had been incredibly positive.

Centro Universitario


Centro Universitario

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