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Despacito Art School

Workshops for Open School East Carnival School.


Photography by Jason Pay Studio.

Despacito Art School was co-led by myself and OSE team member Louis Palfrey (aka Mr. Bean), with guest collaborator theatre organisation 1927. The delivery of Despacito is supported by OSE team member Ayaan Bulale (aka Miss Ayaan) as well as OSE 2019 Associates Emily Demetriou, Elouise Farley, Rhona Foster, Laurène Gitton, Annie Nichols and Jules Varnedoe.

The Despacito Art School is a hands-on place to learn about art, craft and functional object-making. Despacito is open to young people aged 6 to 11, who live in and around Cliftonville West and beyond. They named the art school after their favourite 2017 summer hit.

Despacito Art School


Despacito Art School

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