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Search for the Invisible

Letterpress catalogue, 1895 - present

A catalogue made by the Institute Of The Invisible to help readers understand how to detect Mystery Riders. Presented as a series of blueprints which might hail from a simultaneous reality, another Earth, informing the reader of the historically important technological devices.


Search for the Invisible is written and presented in such a way that the reader is unclear when this catalogue has been produce. The idea behind The Institute of the Invisible is to hark back and reflect on a era where the focus of public information was on education rather than indoctrination.

The work re-ignites the wonderment of invention and discoveries of past objects that are still in functional order today, prompting the reader to reevaluate known or unknown technologies today.

Sites of exploration:

The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum


Goonhilly Earth Station

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