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 With Silver Bells 

Video, 2019.


Commissioned for Art in Romney Marsh, the video dives into my past and present interactions with nature using photograms, my mother's video footage and my own to try and grasp how we as humans can rethink our interactions with non-humans. The work was created during my self initiated residency on the Marsh, a place that I often return to in my work both physically and mentally.

Heavily influenced by Derek Jarman's writings on gardening I try to open up a wider discourse on our role as humans on planet Earth. It is an experimental video focused on unhinging our commonplace connections between language, images, and perceptions of nature by exploring my sensual and somatic feelings towards the Marsh, experiencing the geography as an important site of creative and ecological insight. Using photograms as a tool enables me to play with slow/non-human time to imagine my own ecological existence.

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